La Caņada, Ávila, Spain, the J87 observatory

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The observatory was built around a tall, 2.5 m high pier, the basement floor is a square about 3.20m on each side and serves as a control room. On the first floor, circular, is the 12" LX200 telescope CCD equiped all enclosed by a fiberglass dome.

The observatory, July 2007

In this picture, the opened observatory cools to ambient temperature on a sunset, just before observations. At the same time, the CCD camera is cooling down to -30 C below ambient.

The Sun sets at La Caņada

The pier foundation is a concrete cube 1.5m on the side.

The foundation

A view of the telescope, on the right the CCD, an SBIG ST9 cooled camera

The telescope

Two views of the observatory, on a clear winter Sun rise (left) and a more uptodate photo (December 2006) under the snow.

Sunrise Under the snow

The control room

The control room

The Meade LX200 12" telescope and the observation window shutters, these are moved by two Firgelli linear actuators controlled from the observatory's PC

The window actuators

Wind vane and Anemometer

The anemometer

The Control PC

The control PC

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