Centro Astronómico de Ávila

M1 Group


April 2005



The M1 Group, founded by Diego Rodriguez, José Ripero and Francisco Pujol, has been active since 1988, their efforts are directed towards the monitoring of variable stars, both visual and CCD, with special attention to supernovae.

The most striking event in the group history was the discovery of SN 1993J by Francisco García Díez, one of the most active members.


We were invited to join the fraternity lunch celebrated at Mengamuñoz, a very little town near the group’s headquarters at “La Hija de Dios”  some 40 km south of Ávila.


A newly acquired Coronado Solar Telescope in Halfa was tested before and after the lunch, in spite of the strong winds we were able to see various prominences.





We were happy to meet that many enthusiasts of Astronomy and had a really good time getting to know each other and sharing experiences. Thanks very much M1 group.




Visit to the Great Shefford observatory mpc J95


June 2004




On june 2004 we were at England visiting the Great Shefford Observatory. I was very excited with the idea of meeting Peter Birtwhistle because he runs one of the most active observatories in NEO and comet, confirmation and followup, and this coincides with one of the main goals at La Cañada Observatory.


I was surprised with the dark and transparent sky at Great Shefford, I was thinking the sky was not as good due to the proximity to London.


Peter’s green dome is very peculiar, inside there’s a 12” LX200 + an excellent apogee 6 camera.


Peter was demonstrating how it all works together and various pieces of software he wrote for particular tasks.




From left to right : Peter Birtwhistle, Covadonga Camblor, Juan Lacruz




That night we were observing an object from NEOCP, we had a look at the images blinking but saw nothing, Peter then brought us back to the hotel and we said goos bye.


Some days passed and we were back to Spain when I got and email from Peter, after he examined in greater detail the images he found the object under confirmation he then reported to the Minor Planet Center, the confirmation was published on circular 2004-M07 (note J. Lacruz as observer ;-) it resulted to be a new amor asteroid, nice momento to remember, thanks Peter.




Visit to Monte Deva Observatory mpc 945


Summer 2003


Monte Deva obsevatory is a facility participated by the OMEGA astronomical association  and the Gijón’s City Council, it is run by José Ramón Vidal Blanco.


The dome is 5 meter diameter in aluminium and the power is supplied by an electrogenerator group. A Celestron 14” telescope equipped with an SBIG ST7 camera. It is dedicated mainly to cometary photometry which is then send to the minor planet center and to the “observadores de cometas” mailing list. They also organize observing sessions for schoolars.


The summer of 2003, Jose Ramón showed us the observatory and the beautiful surroundings of the monte Deva, 




On this Picture taken by my daughter Covadonga Lacruz you see

from left to rigth : Covadonga Camblor (my wife), Juan Miguel Lacruz (my soon), J. Lacruz (me) and

J. R.Vidal, the observatory’s director.




Another picture of the observatory taken on a very hazy summer morning